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Christopher Farr Island Atmosphere Wallpaper in Apricot

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Christopher Farr Cloth
Island Atmosphere is a design by Nick Herder that masterfully captures the ever-changing and enchanting light of Fogo Island’s weather. This unique piece reflects the diverse atmospheric conditions that paint the island’s landscape with a mesmerizing palette. Nick’s creation brings to life the dynamic interplay of light, showcasing the island’s atmospheric nuances. From the soft glow of dawn to the vibrant hues of sunset, “Island Atmosphere” invites you to experience the magic of Fogo Island’s weather in a captivating tapestry of colour and mood.
Designer: Nick Herder / Fogo Island Workshops

Collection: Fogo Island Workshops.
Construction: 100% Non-Woven Wallpaper.
Width: 132 cm 
Horizontal Repeat: 66 cm

Verical Repeat: 92 cm

Match:  Straight Match

We do not recommend cleaning this delicate hand printed wallpapers but if necessary, please wipe the area gently with a non-abrasive cloth to remove dirt.

Please note this is priced by the metre with a minimum order of 3 metres



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