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The collaboration blossomed from shared values uniting Christopher Farr Cloth and the Fogo Island team, under the guidance of Zita Cobb, the visionary founder of Shorefast, the overarching charity for Fogo Island InnFogo Island Workshops, and Fogo Island Fish. These designs embody a profound respect for Newfoundland’s cultural tapestry and history, underscored by an unwavering commitment to sustainability and community well-being.

Christopher Farr Cloth has artfully reimagined, with the guidance of Ernst Hupel, Design Strategist at Fogo Island Workshops, four original designs, initially conceived to adorn the walls of the Fogo Island Inn, into a mesmerising new collection. Titled “Make Fish,” “Island Atmosphere,” “Set the Scene,” and “We Sailed Away,” these designs encapsulate the spirit of Fogo Island’s rich heritage and its awe-inspiring landscapes.

This collection pays homage to the historical significance of wallpaper in Newfoundland. Originally employed to ward off the chill in uninsulated homes, wallpaper evolved into a cultural emblem and a source of comfort. Christopher Farr Cloth reverently nods to this tradition, seamlessly blending it with contemporary flair in collaboration with Fogo Island Workshops.

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